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Statement of Absolute Truth
​"Who you really are and who I really Am is This Awareness/Consciousness

 in which all of our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and  circumstances

appear, exist for a while, and disappear.

This Awareness/Presence is our True Self,

which is unchanging, has always been Here and

Is Here Now..."

​In this moment as you look at the image on the left, you may have some thoughts and feelings appear. Similarly, when you read the statement above, judgments of agreement, disagreement, or uncertainity and feelings may have arisen.
You may ask yourself the following question:

   "Experientially, what is observing or watching my thoughts and feelings?"

I'm not asking for an intellectual answer such as the brain, my mind, or "me". I'm asking when you REALLY LOOK, what is your experience of asking the question 

   "In this moment - what is observing or noticing my judgments and feelings?" 

It's very subtle and often gets overlooked at first. But what you may experience is that there is Nothing there - just Space. And sometimes fear will show up because in that moment there is no "me". My invitation is for you to put your attention on that Nothingness or Spaciousness, rest in It and see for yourself what qualities It has...

in This Ever-Present Unconditional Peace, Compassion and Love...jeff

May All Beings Awaken LLC